Neural Bikes

Due to a lack of time this project has been put to a halt. Code is Open Source and it was fun building it over the years.

Automated live bike sharing demand predictions using Machine Learning and Open Data.

All bike sharing systems around the world suffer from the same issues, unequal riding patterns. This project tries to mitigate this issues for users by creating daily availability predictions based on recent usage.

Download the iOS app.

Prediction data is generated automatically at midnight on each time-zone. REST API is available and has documentation on how to use it.

Available cities

The main area of development is around the iOS app and the Machine Learning engine, although there is available a web version fro demonstration purposes for the next cities cited below.

Bilbao - Bilbao Bizi

Madrid - BiciMAD

New York - citibike

Paris - Live in iOS app

London - Coming soon


Neural Bikes is used by users around the world to check on bike sharing services statuses. You can contribute to the code that is already available online:


If you have any suggestions or want to get in touch please do so by mail or twitter.

Code is Open Source, machine learning (code) & ios app (code)

The development of this project has been continuous since four years ago by one individual. If you are using this as a company please consider sponsoring the development.